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Tesla Luxury Vehicle Rentals in Boston 

Whether you currently drive a luxury vehicle or simply want to try one out, renting a luxury vehicle is an experience that everyone should try. At TeslaRents, we offer Tesla luxury vehicle rentals throughout Boston and the surrounding areas. Our selection spans the entire Tesla lineup, from the popular Model 3, to the head turning Model X and the explosive Model S; each of these vehicles is built for the future with materials and finishes which are unapologetically luxurious.

 All of our cars are designed with luxury in mind. Each is equipped with high-quality heated leather seats, retractable or panoramic glass roofs, a class leading sound system, and—of course—Tesla’s signature technology.  

The cutting-edge tech found in a Tesla is what separates it from the sea of luxury vehicles out there. From the large tablet display, the entire car can be controlled, allowing you to do everything from setting your destination to watching movies while you charge up. Even more impressive is the car’s self-driving and autopilot functionality. With all of our cars boasting the latest and greatest software updates, your car will drive for you on freeways, automatically place you in the fastest lane and even take the your exits for you. All these features are housed in an exterior with an equally sophisticated and luxurious design.  

Our Tesla luxury vehicle rentals offer an experience that is unlike any other. With dual electric motors delivering instant torque, driving around Boston in a Tesla will make anyone feel like a rock star. Performance is unlike anything else on the road. Our Model S P100D delivers an acceleration of 0 to 60 mph in an unprecedented 2.4 seconds, faster than any other production car and even quicker than most jet fighters! Riding in a car this fun makes an ideal option to rent for special occasions. Whether you’re coming back to town for a school reunion, celebrating your birthday, or just want to treat your significant other to a special night on the town, our luxury vehicle rental will give you an unforgettable experience.  

We offer various packages for our Boston Tesla luxury vehicle rentals to choose from, including both short-term and long-term rentals.  


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Ludicrous Performance

Unrivaled handling and acceleration. With some models boasting a 0-60 of 2.4 seconds, our Teslas are officially some of the quickest production cars ever created.

Long Term Luxury Car Rentals Ludicrous Performance

Take your hands off the wheel and let the car take control. With the latest software updates, you can experience for yourself the future of self-driving cars.

Self Driving Comes Standard

Long Term Luxury Car Rentals Self Driving Comes Standard

Every Tesla we rent out is rigorously evaluated by the NHTSA, scoring a perfect 5 star safety rating in every category, making them the safest cars in history.

Safety Above All

Long Term Luxury Car Rentals Safety Above All

Futuristic, and Fun!

The only cars that let you play games on the main screen or watch a movie while you're charging up. See a full list of hidden features here

Long Term Luxury Car Rentals Futuristic and Fun
Ludicrous Performance
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