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Contactless booking makes renting a Tesla Model X even more fun! Pick up your Telsa at one of our home locations or get it delivered to the airport, hotel, or anywhere you are in the city.

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Our electric car rentals will turn heads no matter who you’re with. Whether you’re planning a relaxing getaway, business trip, or brand new adventure, Model X will elevate your experience.

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You’re the expert, and our super simple Tesla Model X rental guides provide you with everything you need to know for each stage of your journey. We’ll contact you two hours before your reservation time with detailed step-by-step pickup and dropoff instructions. 

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Our team is your personal pit crew, standing by 24/7 to ensure you stay on track. Call or text us day and night with questions about your Tesla X rental or for recommendations from our favorite spots around the city.

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Flexibility counts, and we understand when plans change. Cancellations are free within 24 hours of pickup or delivery. If you need to make last-minute changes, we’re happy to help you stretch or shorten your reservation period. 

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The Legendary Model X: Epitome of Sport Luxury

Our process is quick, smooth and easy. Start here to reserve a Tesla Model X rental in minutes and take advantage of our convenient pick up and delivery options.

First, select your location and choose your rental period. Next, browse the list of available Tesla X rentals and select the one you want. Purchase any additions such as delivery, insurance, toll pass, etc, enter your information, and make your payment. We will verify your account instantly and send a step-by-step guide with pickup, drop off, and driving instructions.

You will pay between $200 and $250 to rent a Tesla. Our Tesla Model X rental price varies based on the specs of the individual vehicle you are renting. Visit the reservations portal to find the exact prices of available models.

Go to our reservations page and complete the first step to find a Tesla rental near you. Choose a date, enter your location, and hit the ‘Next’ button for a list of available Model X rental cars.

Yes, we offer touchless delivery to your doorstep or anywhere else in the city, including the airport, your hotel, or the office.

Yes! If you need a car for 24 hours, there's no better way to do it than with TeslaRents. Our minimum Model X rental period is one day.

If you want to test out a Model X, a one-day rental is the most convenient way to get behind the wheel and experience the drive. Book your Tesla and hit the road without waiting at a desk or going through a lengthy verification process.

Yes. You can rent a Model X for a day, week, month, or longer. We offer special pricing for longer electric car rentals, and many of our customers make one-month or longer reservations. It's a great option if you want to drive a new Model X without the hassle of ownership. You can always choose to extend your rental period if you want more time.

Every Model X for rent in our fleet is equipped with advanced self-driving capabilities. Standard self-driving features include autosteer, auto braking, and auto lane changes. Every Model X is a supercomputer with sensors, 360-degree cameras, and live traffic information.

With these features, your electric car rental can do most of the driving for you on highways and other well-marked roads. We recommend that you keep your hands on the wheel and be prepared to take over at any time.

You can use your own insurance or purchase coverage from us when hiring our electric car. We offer state liability and full coverage with a $500 deductible. You can also purchase tire and glass protection and roadside assistance for a nominal daily fee.

If you are using your own insurance, we highly recommend that you check your policy before booking.

We carry all four models (S, 3, X, and Y) with various versions, including long-range models, Model X 6-seaters, Model X 7-seaters, and more. Check our reservation page to browse exactly which Teslas are available in your city.

Impressive Performance
When it comes to speed, the Model X raises the bar for full-size SUVs. Slippery aerodynamics give lots of extra oomph — you can whip from 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds!

Futuristic Falcon Doors
The Tesla Model X is famous for its functional falcon wing doors that make it look like a raptor in flight as your passengers slide comfortably into the third row.

Snug And Spacious Interior
There is enough room for five to seven adults, and some Model X rentals come with additional lumbar support in the driver and passenger seats. Ask for these features at booking.

Spectacular Storage
There's enough cargo room for all your luggage. The seven-seater version has 92 cubic feet of space, including a fantastic frunk (front trunk) and generous stowage under the seats.

Smart Self Driving
Powered by a hyperconnected network, eight cameras, radar, and ultrasonic sensors,the advanced autopilot system assists with steering, accelerating, and braking.

Efficient Touchscreen
The enormous 17" touchscreen is the champion of usability and entertainment. The operating system has slick software for live traffic, gaming, movies, and more.

Safety and Security
The latest Model X received 5-star ratings in every category of the NHTSA safety test. At over 5,000 lbs, these SUVs are tanks on wheels with maximum impact protection.

Energy Efficient
Range anxiety is a thing of the past. With 350 miles per charge and Tesla's unrivaled network of Superchargers, you’re guaranteed to get there and back again with electricity to spare

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348 mi

3.8 s

 670 hp

up to 7

Range (EPA est.) 

0-60 mph

Peak Power


Model X Specs

Range (EPA est.) 

348 mi 

Peak Power 

670 hp 


20" or 22" 


5,000 lbs 


Up to 7 


348 mi 

Top Speed 

155 mph 

Drag Coefficient 

0.24 Cd 


5,185 lb 


Dual Motor 

Supercharging Max 

250 kW 

Drive With Class, Book With Ease

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